Geco Competition Buck Shot (25st)

  • Artnr: GEC-BUC
  • I lager: 7 st
  • Vikt, kg: 1
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

Geco Coated Competition Buck Shot

Kaliber: 12/ 65

Vikt: 27g

Hastighet: 410 m/s

Förpackning: 25st

These buck shot cartridges have been especially developed for IPSC matches which include mandatory buck shot stages. The nickel-plated shot reduces flyers even with tighter chokes.

Therefore the shot Shell has the following specific properties:

  • 9 pellets of 8 mm diameter for the best possible patterns
  • Nickel-plated shot. This reduces flyers even with tighter chokes.
  • Very tight patterns thanks to a solid, un-slit shot Cup
  • Short case length for higher capacity in tubular magazines
  • Reliable function even in finicky semi-autos
  • Low recoil